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18 360 games the names are: skate,kung fu panda,svr 2008,street fighter 4,phatasy star universe,guitar hero 3,monster madness battle for suburbia,ghost recon advanced warfighter 2,spiderman 3,prince of persia(2008),forza motor sport 2, xbla arcade disk 1/sega super stars tennis,dark void,dah 3,batman arkham asylum,turnig point fall of liberty,call of duty 3,7 xbox games mid town madness 3,catwoman,sega gt 2002/jsrf,spyro a heroes tail,ford racing 3,motocross mania 3,crash twinsanity,4 psp games ratchet and clank size matters,rainbow six vegas,pop rival swords,dungeon seige toa. geez thats alot of games but thats only how many games i have i've owned close to 600 games in my entire life now you see why my profile name is gamemaster see ya:)


2010-03-19 19:59:00 by gamemaster154

i just finished carrying about 45 boxes of tile with help but it was still hard but im fine :)


2010-03-16 20:10:48 by gamemaster154

i put a picture on my profile finally i are happy:)

life is good right now :)

2010-03-16 14:30:28 by gamemaster154

i just got some new games and i am happy i might be working on a flash game if i can get the software really hoping to make a flash game see ya:)


2010-03-02 20:52:09 by gamemaster154

i am almost level 4 just making a post i are happy:) EPIC FACE!!!!!!!! :(

i'm back

2010-02-27 13:40:36 by gamemaster154

i have not been on my profile for like 3 years it's good to be back