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happy face

2010-12-13 16:13:24 by gamemaster154

i have a game in the making and need some programmers so plz tell me if u want to help i'm not completly sure what it will be about tho


2010-11-24 22:53:12 by gamemaster154

i finnaly put up some content


2010-10-12 22:40:43 by gamemaster154

made u think i waz quittin' n00bz


2010-10-10 16:20:46 by gamemaster154

i dont know if i should stay on newgrounds i can barley ever do any thing so tell me if i should quit


2010-05-21 17:38:03 by gamemaster154

a picture of awesomeness


check out mah youtube page

2010-05-15 20:17:13 by gamemaster154

hey if you havent already checked out mah youtube channel then you should mah name is theawesome890 so check it out


2010-05-11 20:22:35 by gamemaster154

yesterday i stepped on a nail and it went strait trough mah shoe


2010-04-03 18:51:45 by gamemaster154

hey people we are making a clan on world war flash if you want to join plz tell me it will be called the german killerz we already have started so get ready to be pwned!!!


2010-03-23 21:19:17 by gamemaster154

im mad because i just tried to make a vid on ytube but it said the format or something like that was wrong:(

makin a post

2010-03-22 15:34:57 by gamemaster154

it's a little less than a hour before i go to karate and i just want to make a post see ya:)